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A small collective of B Corps have come together to create this resource as part of B Corp Month 2023.

One of the most impactful ways businesses GO BEYOND is considering the impact of their suppliers. Simply asking the question of suppliers can have a cascading impact; taking it one step further and switching can lead to significant impact.

Globally businesses are asking questions of their supply chain - What impact do their suppliers have on people & planet? suppliers have suppliers, who have suppliers - the knock on effect is massive.

Want to make a difference in business but not sure how? 
Ask your suppliers these questions, consider alternatives - send a message.

Review your suppliers

Their ownership, processes & footprint can make a big impact

Ownership & beneficiaries
Ethical processes
Environmental footprint
By asking the question, you might prompt change in their approach
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Ethical suppliers can lead to new ideas

They provide great service, innovative products, new ideas & different perspectives - enriching and improving your business in many ways

"But i don't have many suppliers, have limited choice or buying power"

The collective buying power of businesses like yours is powerful - asking questions will send a message.

They come in all shapes and industries

You'll find innovative suppliers across all sectors: energy, finance, office space, clothing & equipment, food & beverage, logistics.

Their impact could be direct or indirect

Do they use renewable energy? Are they owned by discriminated groups? Do they give a % of revenue to charity? Do they treat people well? Do they have practices to avoid modern slavery?

Towards ethical supply chains

"The business community has a responsibility to conduct business in a way that takes into account both the bottom line and the impact of their activities on society"

Angel Gurría
OECD Secretary-General

Join companies who've made the pledge.

Tools & resources

8 questions to ask your suppliers


Supplier screening policy


SUpplier code of conduct


Lists of IMPACTFUL suppliers


A more sustainable supply chain (HBR)

Learn more

8 questions you can ask your suppliers

What are your company's ethical and sustainability policies?

How do you ensure that your supply chain is ethical and sustainable?

What steps do you take to reduce your environmental impact, such as reducing waste or greenhouse gas emissions?

Can you provide evidence of certifications or audits that demonstrate compliance with ethical and sustainability standards?

How do you ensure fair labor practices, such as paying fair wages and providing safe working conditions for your employees and those of your suppliers?

Can you provide a list of your suppliers and information about their ethical and sustainability practices?

How do you measure and track your progress towards meeting your ethical and sustainability goals?

How do you address any ethical or sustainability issues that arise in your supply chain?

These questions could lead your suppliers to review their practices / processes, or you might want to find a new supplier - or maybe you'll be pleasantly suprised.

Supplier lists

Social traders

Australia's first national directory of Certified Social Enterprises.


Family Owned BUsinesses

Strengthen the Australian economy and your local community & next generation of leaders


Supply Nation

Supply Nation provides Australia’s leading database of verified Indigenous businesses.


B Corp Directory

You can browse the B Corp directory in any country to find suppliers with high standards.


The Directory

Discover better alternatives to your every day, and not-so-everyday, purchases



Femeconomy certified businesses have at least 30% of women on the Board of Directors or are 50% female owned



Database will include verified climate-friendly suppliers. No more greenwashing claims.


Clothing & personal equipment

Registered suppliers of locally manufactured corporate clothing, uniforms, workwear and personal protective equipment.


Do you know any more?

Pleas share any lists of businesses who have high ethical or environmental standards, we'd love to include them.

BONUS: DIgital footprint CALCULATOR

Every website and app has an carbon footprint. Wholegrain Digital created this app to calculate a website's CO2 emissions.*

Calculate NOW

*This page produces 0.28g of CO2 for every page load - that's cleaner than 69% of web pages. It's powered by sustainable energy (built on Webflow).

Pledge today

Make a commitment to review your suppliers in 2023: review their ownership; ethical and environmental standards; your processes moving forward.

Consider the areas that impact your industry like...

Gender diversity
First Nations
Environmental impact
Carbon emissions
B Corp certified
Waste & Circularity

And you may even discover some interesting practices and policies you can adopt in your organisation.

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